Message from our Superintendent Rev Faith Nyota

Dear Friends,

Easter is always an exciting time of the year, a time that nature itself seems to join with us in praise as all the beauty of spring bursts forth into wonderful new life. With Easter come blooming flowers, blossoming trees, and the singing of the birds. With new life all around us, it is such an appropriate time of the year to celebrate resurrection as symbolized to us through the Easter story.

As we as a church and individually journey through Holy Week, may we seek to recognise God in all places and be open to his transforming love.

Holy Week enables some of the most diverse experiences of the church year. Each feed into and adds depth to the others. It seems odd to celebrate Easter without first marking Good Friday, for without the pain and suffering of the cross, we would not have the joy and new life of the resurrection.

And as we read and reflect on the events of Holy Week, I pray that we discover something deeper. In the stories of washing of the feet and the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday we see great humility and generosity. The cross on Good Friday screams silently of brokenness and pain; of God, who empties himself of all but love, who in the midst of so much hurt and pain can still offer forgiveness! On Easter Saturday we experience the waiting, the confusion, the bewilderment at all that has happened. Then on Easter Sunday we celebrate the deep joy and hope of the resurrection.

In this diversity and richness of Holy Week we discover the God who is always with us, Emmanuel. God, who meets with us in places of pain, darkness, sorrow, and joy. We think of myriad challenges facing people in our society and our church. Among other places, we remember Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, North Korea, Haiti, Sudan and all those whose familiesí lives and futures have been destroyed by war and conflict. We think of people who have recently lost loved ones, people living with homelessness, loneliness, pain, depression and terminal illnesses, sometimes leading to despair and hopelessness. It is in the midst of these challenges that the message of the Church at Easter has remained constant over the years. It challenges us to move beyond the tomb and share the great news of resurrection with one another. Easter challenges us to look out for life among the living with grateful and joyful hearts. Easter challenges us to courageously follow Jesus Christ, the Risen One, and boldly proclaim that out of darkness and suffering is new life.

We join in the proclamation of the good news of the resurrection.

He is not here, he has risen!

A peaceful Easter to you all,

Grace and Peace,